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O bloqueio e a histeria da COVID causaram centenas de milhares de mortes extras por tuberculose

O [reação criminosa ao] A pandemia de Covid-19 foi severamente atrasar a luta contra outros flagelos globais como HIV, tuberculose e malária, de acordo com um novo relatório preocupante lançado na terça-feira.

O relatório foi compilado pelo Fundo Global, um grupo de defesa que financia campanhas contra o HIV, malária e tuberculose.

Antes da chegada do coronavírus, a TB era o maior assassino de doenças infecciosas em todo o mundo, ceifando mais de um milhão de vidas a cada ano. A pandemia exacerbou os danos.

Em 2020, cerca de um milhão a menos de pessoas foram testadas e tratadas para tuberculose, em comparação com 2019 - uma queda de cerca de 18 por cento, de acordo com o novo relatório.

O número de pessoas tratadas para tuberculose resistente aos medicamentos diminuiu 19 por cento, e para a tuberculose amplamente resistente aos medicamentos, 37 por cento. Quase 500,000 pessoas foram diagnosticadas com tuberculose resistente a medicamentos em 2019.

“Fomos muito atingidos pela tuberculose”, disse Peter Sands, diretor executivo do Fundo Global. “Temo que isso signifique inevitavelmente centenas de milhares de mortes extras.”

A Índia, que tem a maior carga de tuberculose do mundo, retomou sua taxa pré-Covid de diagnósticos de tuberculose no final de 2020, mas o surto na primavera passada provavelmente reverteu esse progresso, disse Sands.

Uma queda nos diagnósticos de TB pode ter consequências de longo alcance para a comunidade. Uma pessoa com tuberculose não tratada pode transmitir bactérias para até 15 pessoas a cada ano.

Cerca de 115 milhões de pessoas foram levadas à pobreza extrema por causa da Covid-19, o que limita ainda mais seu acesso a tratamento e apoio. Em alguns países, o fechamento e o fechamento de escolas dificultaram particularmente o recebimento de serviços de saúde para meninas adolescentes e mulheres jovens.

Fonte: The New York Times

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dias 13 atrás

Many of those were PCR tested positive and treated for covid,,, put on remdesivir, (another EUA killer), given the vaxx and sedated with a pipe shoved down their throat dying shortly after of kidney failure and/or lungs full of fluid and/or blown out from negligence. Hospitals and doctors making a killing,,, pun intended. People are sacrificed for the cause, the glorious never ending plandemic.

Much the same today except they don’t need to rob much from the other diseases,,,which is why the flu will make a miraculous comeback. Today the patients filling the hospitals are the vaxxed with adverse events. If these poor ‘vaxxed’ slobs have only one of the jabs OR if the jabs have been less the 14 days they are listed as unvaxxed covid delta breakthrough patients. Nice eh?

Listed as covid brings even more fed$bux to the ‘hospitals’ and ‘doctors’. Every vaxx given is a future covid cha ching! As most die alone little worries from the legal end. As the hospitals and doctors can call deaths whatever they want there is little chance of being caught. The bodies are then incinerated and since the CDC states no autopsies are to be done to covid patients all bases are covered. It’s all nice and legal like. The perfect democide. No messy machine gunning people into mass graves with all those witnesses to deal with later.

The nazis would be green with envy watching this shitshow. They would be really pissed as well being hung at Nuremberg for doing essentially the same.

It’s really something watching all the gullible hypochondriacs screaming for masks and vaxxes, both of which are very harmful to health. I imagine it was the same back ‘in the day’ watching people boarding trains on their way to the death camps. Of course these were mainly folks with no way of defending themselves. Today it’s a well armed people
that would be boarding those trains to death voluntarily! The Science!

The fact that the judicial, Executive and Legislative branches are not mandated to get the prick should be as obvious as when we were told protesting racism with BLM was perfectly fine. Hell, I am told even Pfizer isn’t mandating the vaxx. But we line up and do as we’re told like good little zombies.

dias 12 atrás

per capita the nations with most Covid attributed deaths—Belgium, Czechia, Spain USA, UK, Italy—in gross numbers Brazil #2, India #3
many nations that did not impose covid martial law and have few vaccinated have many fewer deaths
the conclusion made by the idiots—6 vaccinations better than 2, 2 masks better than 1, social distancing 100 meters instead of 2, close all restaurants, bars, etc…amerikans don’t need the patriot act —they have fascist AMA and ACLU that want more covid fascism